Why IFA?

Even today, we are fighting for literacy rates, the world is changing at a faster rate, and it demands more than just literacy to have or maintain a basic standard of living. We also see people struggle with financial and career decisions, these two are outcomes of lack of information and awareness, and we can see it is common that people struggle taking appropriate decisions in many fields.

Rational information will give clarity and bring on insights, that will work in favor of individuals and communities. IFA is an initiative by "Moogain Advisors" which is a firm registered in Mumbai. It works on content marketing and content development, it is an initiative to empower people with appropriate insights, and share the knowledge as much as we can.

Who we are:

What we have done so far:

About Moogain Advisors:

Moogain Advisors is a content marketing and intellectual property company, led by youth. After founding team working in a corporate domain for around a decade, the team wanted to add value with their new startup. To create a platform to share authentic visual based knowledge sharing.

What makes us passionate?

We have experience in creating content for education, advertising and have worked as a team for MNC, we wanted to add value to the society, because we have seen on ground level the struggle that new age trainees, employees face sustaining their jobs, we will never be able to empower nations or global communities, by restricting or limiting the access to the quality of information.

We want to create offline and an online library of videos, and experience material, so that people can access it, learn and be more aware, irrespective of the age.

Why Videos?

We want to create an immersive learning experience, we as individuals have reduced our attention span in this digital world. We learn faster through stories and grasp better with visuals. We are trying to move to videos and later on to AR&VR, which for now is a distant dream to make it available for all. But, yes with dedicated efforts we will be able to achieve it